My recent weight loss journey

I was talking to my husband this morning and telling him this story about when I first wanted to lose weight and he said, “see you should write a blog about this, so many people could relate.” So here we go!

In 2021 my health goals were put on the back burner as I opened DSM Life Nutrition (an herbalife healthy smoothie bar) out of our home. This was so fun and time consuming so I just wasn’t putting myself as a high priority while running the business, being a wife, and being a mom. This caught up to me and I gained 15 pounds in 2021. I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight before I opened my business and I was feeling so good. Life happened to me just like it does to every human. I say this to lead into this conversation that I was having with my husband. As we prepare for a Mexico trip in May 2022 I am going to lose 15 pounds soooo all the weight I gained in 2021. I have always gained weight VERY easily. I was also a very chubby child/teen. When I was in sixth grade I was the tallest and biggest kid in my class. I am 5’7” and have not grown an inch since sixth grade, you can say I was an early bloomer. The thing is that I noticed I was bigger than all of my friends and I did not want to be bigger than all my friends. Here is what I did: I cut out sugar, watched my portions, and jumped on the trampoline for 20 minutes every day. I lost 20 pounds. You guys I WAS 12 YEARS OLD!!!!!!! I’m not saying this is bad, but I have been on this journey for 14 years. I am basically an expert at this point, I’m kidding!

That’s where it all began for me. I have always had a passion/interest in the health and fitness industry. I am not perfect by any means, in fact I have had many struggles with my weight and a healthy relationship with food so I am here to say, I can relate to you and it does get better! I continued on my journey after giving birth to my son who is now 2 years old. I gained 50 pounds while I was pregnant and that wasn’t going to come off with luck. It took lots of consistency, but in one year I lost my baby weight and felt great. Being a mom isn’t an excuse. 

Let’s fast forward a bit of what has worked for me and 5 tips I have. As we start 2022 you may have a goal or new year’s resolution to lose weight or become healthier. I know you can do it! So here we go again!

#1: Set realistic long term goals. This type of lifestyle is not short term by any means. Write out where you want to be weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly to make sure you are on the write track. If you are just starting this journey then start small and you can always add to your goals later on. I encourage you to write your goals down.In fact, take 5 minutes right now and write down your end goal and then break it up into weekly, monthly, and quarterly.  If they are not written down then they are just dreams! Ready for number 2?

#2: Use an approach that is based on lifestyle and not a quick fix. I have tried SO MANY diets you guys. There is that word- “diet”. This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Take it from me that a quick fix is not the way to go. Fitting this into the schedule is so important. You can’t plan to prepare food for 1 hour every day if you don’t even have that time. You know your schedule, so make sure this lifestyle fits around your everyday schedule. I use Herbalife Nutrition Products for my busy schedule. I make my shake in less than 2 minutes and I have a complete meal packed with vitamins and minerals and macronutrient friendly. Here is my favorite recipe!

#3: Find accountability. I have been an herbalife coach for 4 years now and the amount of times I get told “I wouldn’t be able to do this without you” is mind blowing. So find a coach for you that fits your personality and will work with your goals. I don’t just give support, but I also give a meal guide, grocery guide, workouts, and personalized nutrition. Your goals are not one size fits all. 

#4: Understand the journey is not perfect. You will have setbacks, but the comeback is always stronger. I know you got this! I would love to be your coach 🙂 but if you don’t want to reach your goals with me, best know I am cheering you on from the sidelines! This is where tip #1 comes in handy.

#5: Make sure you’re working on your goals for YOU and not for anyone else. The comparison game can rob us of so much. The one thing I always say is love yourself enough to want to be better, love yourself through the process of reaching your goals, and fall in love with the journey. So many people will not understand and that’s okay. THIS IS FOR YOU!

I hope my story resonates with you and can help you in some way. Click the link if you would like some coaching and we can reach our goals together! Have an amazing week 🙂


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