Morning Routine

If you are someone who struggles with a morning routine or you don’t have one at all, you’re being woken up by your kids or that extremely aggressive alarm, I think it’s about time to find that routine that will set you up for a successful day! If your routine is off then your whole day feels off, am I right? I just want to share a few tips with you to set your whole day off on the right foot.

As you’re reading just remember that my routine will look different than yours, so don’t try to copy exactly but take bits and pieces if it fits you. A morning routine is used for both a working mom and stay at home mom. I have been a working mom and now I am a stay at home mom and during both stages of life it is very important. 

You are here to build a morning routine for YOU! Before we begin, ask yourself WHY are you wanting to build a morning routine? Ponder on that for a minute. 

 So let’s get to it! Grab a pen and paper to write down your routine as we go. 

Assemble meals for the next day the night before

His includes for kids lunch for school or daycare, your husband’s lunch, your own lunch for work. This saves time and you don’t have to worry about doing it in the morning. 

Wake up before your kids

What time do you wake up now and is waking up before your kids realistic for you? I wake up at 6:30 every morning and my son wakes up at 7:30. You don’t have to wake up hours before them, just 20 minutes will already put you in a great spot. Enough time to pee without interruption (this is like a novelty in motherhood), washing your face, and brushing your teeth. If you wake up at 5:00 now, I’m not saying to force yourself to wake up at 4:30. A well rested mom is necessary as well. 

Wake up at the same time every day

This helps your body set almost like an internal alarm clock. If you have the intention of waking up at the same time every day you will feel good. Just start slow, okay this week I will wake up at 6:30 every day. Then start all over again on week 2 and before you know it you’ll have a new habit! 

With this make sure you are going to bed at a decent time every night so you are getting the recommended amount of sleep. Again, a well rested mom is important!

Know what you would like to accomplish in the morning 

Maybe you want to accomplish absolutely nothing except sitting in the quiet and drinking your coffee hot. Maybe you want to get in a 30 minute workout. Maybe you are in a rush every morning and you just don’t want to be rushing anymore. 

Set your goals so you know what you want to accomplish. When you know what you want to accomplish then figure out, does that require a little extra work the night before? 

Give yourself 5 seconds to get out of bed when your alarm rings

Count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, then out of bed and ready to go. Guilty of not doing this sometimes! When I don’t allow myself to stay in bed or snooze my alarm I automatically accomplish that morning goal. Try it! 

Make your bed

This is a no brainer for me, my bed cannot be a mess. When my bed is made then all is well! My husband makes the bed differently than me so let’s just say I am redoing the bed every morning, but hey that’s just fine. Girl, if you have 8 decorative pillows for your bed you better put all of them on that bed. 

I know this seems like a tedious task, but if you’re not a bed maker, start and see how much better you feel. It literally takes 2-3 minutes. This also makes your bedroom a more relaxing place. 

While feeling like getting a good routine in place can feel impossible at times. Setting up a successful morning routine can make you feel much better in your home life and professional life. Check out my morning checklist here where you create your own morning routine and check off those non-negotiables. You got this mama!

Morning routine checklist

Before you go don’t forget to download this free checklist and conquer your day!


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