Skincare routine

You will never believe what my skin used to look like if you saw me now. Have you tried everything to get rid of your acne and nothing seems to work? I have been there sister!!!!!

The truth is, what you put in your body comes out via your skin. The environment also plays a factor, but you can’t control that. I am not a doctor or medical professional, I am just speaking about personal knowledge and my experience. My skin started to clear up when I started eating better and switched my skincare products to something other than whatever you can buy at the store. Honestly, I feel like I tried every product under the sun.

You want the long story, right? Good!

I struggled with acne since I was a teen on my face, chest, and back. When I was about 22-24 years old my acne became so bad my face hurt and I was lacking confidence because of it. I went to the dermatologist and she put me on spiranalactone (a potassium sparing diuretic) to help with my hormonal acne. This was not my first option, but after nothing worked I finally gave in. Let me say, I am not one to just take medicine and be okay with that. I immediately thought, I am not going to be on this forever so how will I get off of it? Prior to this dermatologist visit, in the past I had seen a dermatologist that put me on long term antibiotics. This just wasn’t it for me. This is my face before. I tried so many things and took the prescribed medication. OUCH!

I caked makeup on my face like crazy to cover up my imperfections. I washed my face daily, thought I was taking care of my body, and was taking this new prescribed medication and nothing was helping. I even tried to get sunburnt to “fry” my pimples. DON’T COME FOR ME PLEASE!!!! I take care of my skin now.

Thats when Herbalife came into my life and I started eating better. My skin started to heal from the outside in. I then began to use new face wash specifically for acne prone skin from Herbalife. I will never switch to anything else. This is the only product that has consistently kept my skin clear and I have been using for 3 years. I have a whole skin care regimen now that I will never stray from. Are you a person who has a 5 step skin care routine or are you someone who washes their face with water? I feel like you are either one or the other, there is no in between.

You can see now that even with bare skin I do not have scarring and rarely have pimples. This transformation is my favorite! After figuring out what worked for me, I became more self confident and would go out without makeup. I still have texture and an uneven skin tone, but I will take that over hormonal acne any day.

I do have a 4-5 step skincare routine. I wash my face with a clearify cleanser in the AM & PM. I exfoliate 2 times a week. Both of those followed by an aloe soothing gel for scarring and moisturizer. Two times a month I do use a clearify mask to help with any additional breakouts and my skin is so soft after. It just works!!!!

When you find a routine stick with it! If you don’t have a routine or you’re suffering from breakouts continue to search or consult a medical professional. If you want to try my routine, reach out to me, I would love to help! I only sell products that I am passionate about and have worked for me so I will not sell anything that I do not like!

Let’s connect on instagram @theidiofam or my email Or you can fill out a wellness profile on Herbalife and I will reach out to you 🙂


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