Keeping a positive mindset in today’s world

Hey friends! There have been so many recent events that have hit headlines, some close to home (literally) and others affecting us for various reasons. I have found that it can be a little hard to stay positive sometimes. Like how can I be positive when so many people’s lives have been changed forever? We can be ever consumed by the media and the weight of the world that it feels like you are barely keeping your head above water.

As if your own things in life don’t keep you busy enough, there is so much going on outside of your own life that can feel heavy. Keeping a positive mindset can be oh so difficult, but I am here to help you keep that positivity flowing 🙂

-Choose to not watch the news. This might sound obvious, but making the news a part of your daily routine is just going to put you in that kind of mood. It’s full of negativity and all the bad things happening. It’s good to stay up to date, but stray from the news.

-Limit your social media. Of course everything circulates through social media so if you are feeling consumed then limit your screen time or delete your social media all together. What you feed your mind will always affect you.

-Find an outlet. Maybe your outlet is writing, or biking, or swimming. Find something that sparks joy and continue to do it every day. My outlet is working out. It helps relieve stress, anxiety and worry. I also love to bake, to me it is relaxing and so fun.

-Find time to relax. How many of us actually sit down and do nothing? IT IS HARD! Sit down and just be with yourself in the moment for a little while.

-Let yourself feel all the emotions. Sit with your thoughts. It is okay to be angry, sad, worried, mad, etc. Feel all the feelings and sort out what’s making you feel that way.

-Find someone to talk to- A friend, your mom, a therapist. Talking through how your feeling is a great way to relieve some stress and anxiety. Again, there are so many heavy things happening in this world and it affects us all differently.

You’re not alone in your thoughts and feelings. It’s okay to feel down some days because the weight of the world is just too heavy. I encourage you to find something to help you relieve your thoughts and find someone to talk to!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy today! Have a great weekend 🙂

-XO Kristi


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