7 things about Me & Meet the Family

There’s no better way for an introduction than knowing some things about me that isn’t outlined in blog posts. I just want to start by saying thank you for coming to my little corner of the internet and diving into this new journey with me. Here you will find all different types of posts; mostly motherhood and health and wellness with a touch of finances, organizing, travel, and home life. You get a little of it all over here 🙂 I always think like what kinds of things would people want to know about me that they can’t find within a blog post? Well I have 7 things for you!

I am from Iowa!

Have you ever been to Iowa? It’s not somewhere you would put on a bucket list, that’s for sure. I grew up on a farm where we had pigs and my dad farmed corn and soybeans. I went to a school where I graduated with 64 people in my class. Then after highschool I moved to Des Moines, Iowa (the capital) to go to nursing school and play college volleyball. I went to a small private college, but Des Moines is wayyyyyy bigger than where I grew up. I was exposed to so much more. I graduated college and had a job lined up so I stayed here. Then I met my husband and the rest is history. For real, Des Moines is a great place to raise a family. There are so many opportunities here for young business men/women and for families. However, since I have lived in Iowa my whole life I would love to explore a new place while my son is young. Where are you from? I would love to know!

I graduated with my BSN (Bachelor’s of science in Nursing) in 2018

I mentioned this above, but let’s elaborate. I always wanted to be a nurse. I did a job shadow in high school and I was like yes, this is totally for me. I moved to Des Moines for college and the first year was all prerequisites. I was very busy partying and not paying a whole lot of attention to my classes, but I still passed them all. My second year in college is when the nursing classes began. So how nursing school works is you have the easier classes the first year and then the classes get much harder as you enter year 3 and 4. I have always had good grades through high school and the same in college, I always made the dean’s list or president’s list. I was in my third year of nursing school and I did not like it at all, but I did not want to start over because nursing classes do not transfer to other degrees. I would literally be starting completely over. So I finished nursing school not enjoying it. Mind you nursing school is very demanding. I was going to the hospital on Sunday’s or evenings to do assignments for a class. Wow this brings back a lot of emotions! I wish I could tell my college self that it is okay if plans change. Anyways, I graduated with a nursing major and Spanish minor. The next step was to take the NCLEX. I studied and studied and I FAILED. So I studied more and more and took the NCLEX again and I failed AGAIN. A post on what not to do to pass NCLEX will be coming. Well, I tried one more time and I failed AGAIN. My heart was not in nursing. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like my job. It just wasn’t for me, but I kept trying because I wanted it to work out. So if you’re here and you have a similar situation just know that it will all work out and do not fight the urge to try something new if that is where you are being called. 

My calling is helping people 

I have always wanted to help people. That’s one reason I wanted to be a nurse is to help people. Well that wasn’t it for me. When I was in college Herbalife Nutrition found me where I could help people reach their goals by living a healthy active lifestyle and that is so fulfilling watching other’s transform physically and mentally. Well, I wanted to be able to connect with women in another way through other stages of life so I started a blog to be able to connect and “help” women through different stages and seasons of life. I never thought I would go from nursing to blogging, but here I am and I LOVE it!

I am also a part of a multi-level marketing company

Do you know what multi-level marketing is? Hey now, do not skip over this one! This is part of my journey of helping people and I am proud of it. I am a part of Herbalife Nutrition, a cellular nutrition company that focuses on a complete healthy lifestyle. We are actually the number one nutrition company in the world- google it! This is actually what allowed me to be able to stay home with my son and make an extra income.It also helped me lose 50 pounds postpartum. I am very thankful for Herbalife through every season of life from a college nursing student to a present mom and wife. Don’t knock multilevel marketing companies because your sister said it’s a scam okay, okay. 

I am a huge empath

Are you like this as well? If you are then you will understand everything I am saying. First off, I am actually very introverted. I prefer to stay home rather than go out in public. If I am going to a gathering I want to know who will be there and where I am going, otherwise it makes me anxious. Second, I can literally feel the energy in the room. If the energy or vibe is off I automatically want to leave. Third, I take in and absorb all the emotions when someone is talking to me. Fourth, I am overstimulated easily in large crowds and it can be hard for me to have a conversation and remember what we talked about- this is actually super exhausting. When I am with others I am constantly observing interactions which is partially where I can feel the energy or someone’s emotions in the room. You may think, this woman is weird or if you’re like me you’re thinking, girl talk to me!!!!!!! 

I love to experience new places

When I was a little girl, my family would travel to Northern Minnesota for a week to stay on the lake every year. I didn’t travel much in college for obvious reasons, but when I became a mom there was a whole other purpose for traveling for me. It is so special to see things through my son’s eyes. I found my love for traveling again when I became a mom. Typically we take 1-2 big trips a year and then a couple small weekend getaways. Julian may not remember these vacations, but I forever will. 

I am very goal oriented

At the beginning of every year I set new goals for the year. I love to be able to look at my goals throughout the year and see my progress. Are you like this too? I set my goals by categories; personal, relationship, financial, and spiritual. There is just something so satisfying about setting goals and reaching them! You know what they say, a goal not written down is just a dream. 

Meet the Family

My husband, Earvin, my forever supporter and the one who told me to start this blog. We have been together for 4.5 years and married for 1.5 years. In that small amount of time we have had so many adventures together. When we first met I was still in nursing school and he was working 2 jobs. Now I am a stay at home mom and he works full time as a forklift operator at a trucking warehouse. It’s crazy how times change! Fun fact: We are 10 years apart. You would never guess that he is 36 years old! He grew up in the Philippines with his 4 other siblings until he was 18 where he came to the United States to begin a new life. He has now been in the United States as long as he was in the Philippines.

Our son, Julian, is a spit fire 2 year old boy. He has my husband’s energy and my attitude. Quite the combination if you ask me! He absolutely loves to explore and climb anything and everything. He is going to change the world some day with his strong willed personality. It’s amazing to watch him grow and flourish through every stage of toddlerhood.

I love getting to know the ins and outs of other people! I hope we can connect!


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